I have more than 10 years experience in print journalism, some experience in radio and television and significant experience in online journalism including social media. I hold a Diploma in Media & Communications (Radio) from the University of the West Indies and I have five years experience in development journalism and communications advocacy working with marginalized groups in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean including Haiti.

I also have significant international work experience from working with and assisting to coordinate the activities of development professionals in eight countries and four Continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and North America as assistant to the Director of Panos Caribbean's Global AIDS Programme. (GAP) WEBSITE: ( )

I have also attended and reported from regional and international conferences in several countries including, Australia, Austria, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Antigua, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Barbados on issues related to the environment (biodiversity, climate change - adaptation and mitigation), HIV and AIDS as well as Disaster Response and Management.

Advance experience in news and creative writing.

Advance expertise in developing project concepts and intermediate experience in project proposal writing.

Significant experience in development advocacy, communications and project implementation

Interested in academic, communications and advocacy related consultancies and other work opportunities. Would welcome the opportunity to work with migrant and other displaced groups, youth and other age demographics including the elderly.


Proposal and concept writing. Social media marketing skills. Strategic branding. Website development and generating content. Editing and online publishing

Adept at investigative, indepth research on development issues such as poverty alleviation, food security, women's and children's rights, gender issues, human trafficking, the environment, including climate change awareness and mitigation and biodiversity issues, human rights and public health with a special emphasis on HIV and AIDS.

I am currently attending York University focussing on Development Studies discipline currently enrolled in Environment Studies.

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This video is based on a research I did on the issue of HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care in Jamaican prisons. The publication won several awards from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) and the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA)

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I am contacting you because I was thinking about how "random acts of kindness" impact on people & can change their lives dramatically.... that's when I thought of a pen pal I had when I was a child living in North Queensland, Australia & her name was Andrea Downer from Kingston, Jamaica. Her letters had an impact on me then & even now. Wondering if you are the same person? If so, I would love to re-connect (find me on Facebook). I love your blog & what you share!
    Fay Falco-Mammone