I am ANDREA DOWNER aka.. ``FireStorm``... I AM VERY passionate... about things and causes I believe in and people I care about. I am EXTREMELY positive and react to people's energy. Very spiritual, the universe speaks my language and I have an inner voice that is sometimes very active. I love the person that I am and I am intrigued and humbled by my current PERSONAL EVOlutionary process.

Instead of obstacles, I see possibilities and always think: 'WHY NOT!?'

I look at what IS and see what COULD and what SHOULD be and I am carefully and conscientiously defining my role in that REvolutionary process.

I am a human rights advocate and I am VERY passionate about the defence, representation and protection of the rights of people, especially those who are unable to effectively advocate for themselves. .... READ MORE ABOUT ME... MY DAUGHTER ALANA & OUR CAT SABRINA BY CLICKING HERE.

MY BLOG ENTRIES of my memories of my early days growing up in the Jamaican countryside can be read BY CLICKING HERE.

Thanks for VISITING MY BLOG! :) Send private feedback/concerns/queries regarding THIS BLOG to and I will holla back. - PEACE.

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